Joe Kanehann, Albemarle Plantation

He built our home in 1998 on scheduled time and budget. Our home has no significant defects or problems today.
After hurricane Isabel, he arrived at our home at 0800 hours with a team to estimate and schedule roof repair and tree removal. The entire damage repair was completed swiftly in spite of major damage in nearby area homes, roads and electrical outages.

When a hired serviceman was in the attic and stepped on the dry wall and broke through into 2 different bedrooms, he arrived within an hour and cleaned the broken plaster; filled the holes and arranged for the “spackler” to finish the job within a week.

When my wife needed a wheelchair ramp fabricated and installed, he completed the work in 2 days.

Over the years our experience with Donald Riddick and his crew has been outstanding. He is extremely capable in construction; reliable and honest in his cost and time estimates and very loyal to his customers.

Joe Kanehann 7/31/11